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Stopped by a police office for an alleged DUI in Seattle

Posted by Raymond Ejarque | Jul 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

It is very stressful when you are pulled over by a Seattle police officer and charged with a DUI. Sometimes the charges seem unreasonable and unfair.  The original charge doesn't necessarily end up as conviction as long as a seasoned DUI attorney is on the case. They protect their client's rights.

Often, the charge during an arrest goes against a clean driving history and an empty criminal record.  DUI attorneys in Seattle help best with all the information from the scene.  A police officer's decisions, action, adherence to policy are used to evaluate a DUI charge.

If being arrested, write down or remember the Seattle police officer's name and badge number.  When a driver's license and registration is requested by the officer, immediately give it. Make sure both are available at all times.  Your  cooperation during an arrest is recorded and used in a court of law for a DUI case.  Use polite cooperation to an advantage.  If formally arrested, ask for an attorney before speaking to the police and answering detailed questions.

Without being represented by a DUI attorney from Seattle damaging statements could be said in error or in a way that can be misconstrued. Please let he police know politely that questions won't be answered without an attorney being present.  While the events during and following the arrest are still fresh in memory, write down everything that happened. You can write detail notes about what happened during the sobriety test, Breathalyzer test, and the arrest.  If a procedure was missed or conducted in error, DUI attorneys can find it.

A DUI Attorney in Seattle can provide clients with the best defense when it is obvious the client was cooperative at the time of the arrest. If a nervous person or someone with an angry temper pushes the police officer or uses some type of force, it may be considered by the court an attempt to obstruct a public servant from doing their duty. This is something that will go against your case. The anger also makes a person lose focus and cannot ensure their rights are protected.

A person's best defense is to concentrate on remembering everything that happens and cooperate with the police. Don't escape arrest by running away.  The police views an escape attempt to an admission of guilt and treats alleged offenders with escalated aggressiveness.  It demonstrates a lack of cooperation with police.  Place hands visible where police can see them at all times to demonstrate honesty and that there is nothing to hide.

If the police start asking questions during an arrest, inform them that the attorney will answer them. Avoid making any physical contact with the police. It may be construed as an attack even if it no harm was intended. If making a phone call to an attorney, make sure the police officials do not listen. The attorney-client privilege restricts anyone from listening on attorney phone calls. If the police ask for a signature, let them know that you will sign it only after consent from the attorney. All statements and signatures are to be done in the presence of a lawyer.  Be courteous in declining to sign or answer questions in absence of the DUI defense attorney. If you respond negatively, it can be considered an obstruction of police investigation and can result in additional charges.

Visit ( to speak with attorney Raymond Ejarque for more information on how to deal with the police when stopped for an alleged violation. Attorney Ejarque is an experienced, reputable and affordable DUI attorney in Seattle. He can provide the best possible defense for you case. He offers free consultations and is available to answer your questions 24/7. If you get stopped, you can call attorney Ejarque right away to help you with your situation.

This is not a substitute for a full consultation and/or advice regarding the facts of your case. Each case is different and outcomes of case vary depending on factors involved in your case. Mr. Ejarque can review your case and can help you strategize to get best outcome for your case. Please call the Law Office of Raymond W. Ejarque for a free consultation at 206-621-1554 and check our website for more info on how we can help.

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Raymond Ejarque has practiced law since his admission to the Washington State Bar in June of 1994. He started his career in public interest law helping migrant farm workers and indigents in Texas and Washington State.  Later he worked in Criminal defense as a public defender in Seattle for many y...


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