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How do I find a Seattle DUI Lawyer to help me?

If you are charged with a DUI it is important to choose an experienced attorney dedicated to your success. Mr. Ejarque, a former public defender, has over 15 years of experience representing those accused of DUI and other criminal offenses. Over the years he has successfully represented hundreds of people charged with DUI. Because of the number of jury trials he has completed he has developed a confident and persuasive courtroom style. Often times the experience and approach of your lawyer can determine the outcome of the DUI case. That is why it is important to interview and carefully choose an individual lawyer you can personally work with and trust. Sometimes this will involve talking to more than one lawyer and researching a lawyer's background. A lawyer rating service exists that provides detailed background information on attorneys and rates them according to their experience and other criteria. This can be found at Attorney Raymond Ejarque's Profile. As of March 27, 2012 Mr. Ejarque has a superb rating. In interviewing lawyers, it is important to find out whom specifically in the firm will actually be representing you. Mr. Ejarque personally represents each of his clients and is backed up by two attorneys who assist in researching legal & factual issues, drafting motions and making court appearances.

How can you help me?

Familiarity with local courts:

As a former public defender and long time attorney in Seattle and King County, Mr. Ejarque knows the ins and outs of the system. Nearly all of Mr. Ejarque's cases are in local King County courts. Over the years Mr. Ejarque has learned the system, the players and how to obtain the best results for his clients.

Cutting Edge DUI knowledge:

Mr. Ejarque knows how to apply cutting edge legal arguments. He stays on top of the complex legal issues presented in DUI cases by: keeping current with new Washington and National DUI case law, networking with other DUI lawyers, attending DUI training and seminars, and consulting with toxicologist and other expert witnesses. Recently, Mr. Ejarque completed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration training on DUI detection & standardized field sobriety testing. This training helps Mr. Ejarque determine if the officer correctly performed the field sobriety testing in your case. It also helps to cross examine the officer in court. He is a member of the Washington Bar Association since 1994; the King County Bar Association; the Washington Defender Association; and the Washington Association of criminal trial lawyers.

Aggressive Motion Practice:

From the beginning of your case, Mr. Ejarque will aggressively challenge the prosecutor's evidence by filing relevant motions including: motions to suppress blood or breath test results, field sobriety tests, and incriminating statements as well as motions to dismiss for lack of probable cause to detain or arrest. The prosecutors then know they have a fight on their hands. This helps Mr. Ejarque to obtain better results during negotiations.

Effective Negotiations:

Most DUI cases are resolved with plea negotiations that involve a reduction of charges. However, the success of those negotiations often will depend on who your attorney is and how he approaches the prosecutor. Over the years Mr. Ejarque has developed professional working relationships with local prosecutors. He knows the best approach to convince the prosecutor to offer the best deal for his clients.

Experiencia En Los Cortes Y Juicios

¿Sospecha que la Policia le investiga? ¿Ha sido acusad@ de haber cometido un delito criminal grave o menos grave? ¿Ha sido arrestad@ Por Conducir Borracho?(DUI). ¿Desea limpiar su record criminal? No se preocupe, el Lcdo. Raymond W. Ejarque le puede ayudar.  Se Habla Español – Llamenos para Una Consulta Inicial Completamente Gratuita: (206) 621-1554. El Lcdo.…