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Through many years of successfully defending clients in both DUI and criminal defense charges, Attorney Raymond Ejarque has received a ‘superb' rating by, with a score of 10/10. You can view Attorney Ejarque's excellent record, and read reviews by past clients through Avvo.

We Can Help You

If you have been accused of a DUI, Theft, Assault, a felony or any type of crime, Seattle area Attorney Raymond W. Ejarque can help you. The Law Offices of Raymond Ejarque has been providing the greater Seattle area with aggressive, effective, and affordable DUI attorneys and criminal defense representation with proven results.

Stressful Times

Being charged with a DUI in Seattle or King County, can be a very stressful experience. You have a lot of questions on drunk driving, and without answers, your mind is racing. Call our office today. Attorney Raymond Ejarque and his associates can answer all of your questions (relating to DUI or other criminal charges in King County or Seattle), ease your fears, and start fighting for you today. Raymond Ejarque offers free consultations; this is a great opportunity to answer preliminary questions, gain advice from an experienced advocate and start planning a strong defense path through your DUI or other criminal charge.

We Have Experience

Attorney Raymond Ejarque has handled thousands of DUI and other criminal cases. With such an extensive history as a lawyer, chances are that he has handled cases similar to yours, and will know the very best way to advocate and defend your case in court. Mr. Ejarque has over 18 years criminal DUI defense experience. He has the experience to make the difference in handling your DUI or Criminal charges, especially in the Seattle, and King County Courts.

A Personal Touch

Every client is in direct contact with Mr. Ejarque and is treated in a personal manner. Each case is different, with varying circumstances. Mr. Ejarque is here to meet with you in person to explain and discuss your many options in clear, insightful, and understandable terms.


Often, legal representation by a seasoned lawyer can be expensive and an unforeseen financial obligation, Mr. Ejarque believe that diligent and zealous representation should be made available to all people. We understand this; that's why we strongly believe in delivering effective representation at affordable rates. Quality legal representation for your DUI or other criminal charges should be available at a reasonable and fair price. We offer flat rate attorney fees and other flexible payment plans that work with your budget and provide excellent defense services.


Winning a case often times depends on a thorough understanding of both the science and law behind DUI allegations, a well developed argument, a persuasive motion, a winning negotiation tactic, or a strong affirmative defense. Over the course of almost 20 years defending those charged with DUI's and other criminal charges, Attorney Ejarque has developed defense strategies to win cases and make a difference in people's lives.

Strong Reputation

Through many years of practicing law in Seattle, Bellevue, and other King County cities, Raymond Ejarque has acquired a reputation among lawyers, prosecutors, clients and courts [ see reviews ]. He is known as a fair, honest, and effective defender who advocates for his clients. He has served the public as a legal services attorney with Evergreen Legal Services, instructed a DUI continuing education class for attorneys in King County and surrounding areas and has completed National HWY Traffic Safety Administration training in DUI detection and standardized field sobriety testing. He also has served as a Network Representative for a section of the Washington State Bar Association. In addition, he has been appointed to represent many children in dependency proceedings as a lawyer and guardian ad litem.

Experiencia En Los Cortes Y Juicios

¿Sospecha que la Policia le investiga? ¿Ha sido acusad@ de haber cometido un delito criminal grave o menos grave? ¿Ha sido arrestad@ Por Conducir Borracho?(DUI). ¿Desea limpiar su record criminal? No se preocupe, el Lcdo. Raymond W. Ejarque le puede ayudar.  Se Habla Español – Llamenos para Una Consulta Inicial Completamente Gratuita: (206) 621-1554. El Lcdo.…