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I would work with Mr. Ejarque again in a heartbeat. Here’s why:

I got in trouble for a DUI last winter. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out. About a week later my father became ill with a terminal disease and lives in another state. I new that I had to be there, to hang with my dad, but my looming court dates were threatening to keep me in Washington.

I hired Raymond after calling around to a few different lawyers. None of them seemed very optimistic for my chances in court as I'd blown a high BAC and I could just hear it in their voices. No enthusiasm. When I finally got Mr. Ejarque on the phone I felt immediately that I could trust him and that he wasn't just trying to land a client. After a consultation I hired him and we seriously went to work.

My dad got worse and I was called away for nearly three months intermittently and was forced to miss a court date and push them back to a later date. Mr. Ejarque adeptly handled all the administrative side of my case while I attended to family needs which mentally and emotionally gave me a lot of freedom to deal with my ailing parent.

In the meantime Mr. Ejarque, after extensively reviewing my case, was able to find several issues for us to fight the charge on and we went to bat. My dad passed away not long before my trial date, but Mr. Ejarque had fought for me in my absence and prepared me for what was to come. He eventually was able to get my case amended down to a reckless driving.

A DUI charge in Washington state is no joke. To have to deal with that on top of a dying parent is about the worst thing I've gone through in my life. Having someone on my side who could handle the craziness of court and who was patient with my situation and who has tremendous knowledge of his craft was a stroke of awesome luck for me.

To say I'm grateful doesn't cut it. I owe a lot to Raymond and would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Thanks Ray! ~ Sam

– Sam

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¿Sospecha que la Policia le investiga? ¿Ha sido acusad@ de haber cometido un delito criminal grave o menos grave? ¿Ha sido arrestad@ Por Conducir Borracho?(DUI). ¿Desea limpiar su record criminal? No se preocupe, el Lcdo. Raymond W. Ejarque le puede ayudar.  Se Habla Español – Llamenos para Una Consulta Inicial Completamente Gratuita: (206) 621-1554. El Lcdo.…