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Excellent lawyer…

I got arrested for DUI and the next day i had to be in court. So i began to search for a lawyer to represent me. Raymond Ejarque popped up on my screen and i gave him a call. I explained to him what was going on and he agreed to meet me in court. I told him I have a CDL license so i can not have my licence get suspended or i would loose my job. He said he would handle everything. 6 months later i still have my CDL and i still have a job. Mr. Ejarque always keeps me informed and tells me whats going on with my case. I would recommend him to anyone. He helped me out on my mistake and I hope I don't have to use him again because I learned my lesson.

– Dave L., a DUI client

Experiencia En Los Cortes Y Juicios

¿Sospecha que la Policia le investiga? ¿Ha sido acusad@ de haber cometido un delito criminal grave o menos grave? ¿Ha sido arrestad@ Por Conducir Borracho?(DUI). ¿Desea limpiar su record criminal? No se preocupe, el Lcdo. Raymond W. Ejarque le puede ayudar.  Se Habla Español – Llamenos para Una Consulta Inicial Completamente Gratuita: (206) 621-1554. El Lcdo.…